As her face turns at the moon
the pale skin covered with moss and blood
her love for him reached through the forests
to exhale into the sky, leaving black muddy drops

The root, the bone and the stone
her mind lost and her heart too
The feathery owl soaring into the night
her voice ringing hollow in the void

The flowers tangled into the owl shape
the mandala of life, the veil of oaken branches
deri, banadyl, erwein
She was lost before anyone knew
loneliness her name


  • Todd

    Hey, Rhys! Just checking out your blog, and what do I see? Poetry!

    Wow. I love the personification in the first stanza and the images you create throughout. This is a really chilling, effective poem. Nice job.

    • Rhysand

      Thank you, I am so glad you like it! You can expect a lot of poetry on my blog, and poetic short verses about my feelings. I express my daily tension and fears like that.

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