• poems

    Autumnal Bride

    The autumn dies on me
    with red claws tearing way to forget
    the chilly winds blow wildly
    the queen of storms has said her name
    crawling from the south bathed in a red sun

    From the vast sky at the north
    the widow comes, with skirts fluttering
    the mistress of the faith
    putting a wicked smile on her thorned face

    The autumn dies in a hurry
    blowing with air like a Zephyrus in grace
    bringing the chill to the bones which lay beneath
    the shut shack of heart
    flowing in rotten veins
    the blood freezes and stops
    the autumn leaves the colosseum

    The maiden of chill approaches
    her veil thick and hallowed
    the eyes that see nothing
    kiss me, lady on nothingness

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    Buttons and Cotton

    the falling walls hide my heart
    deep in the ground, under the bed of thorned flowers
    finding it equals death
    as the poison injects into your veins

    the walls fell
    and buried my body underneath
    the lonely bird sings over the brick grave
    his button cotton eyes lurk beneath

    buttons and cotton
    the bird is made of, he
    guards my tombstone made of walls

  • poems

    Glow and Moss

    the light stone forest, swirling in my veiled mind
    mirage against my common sense
    the rocks shine with an unearthly gleam
    as I step into the kingdom of moss

    the root and the stone
    branches; wood in my blind eyes
    my blood gives life
    to the age of glowing wonder

    the crackled heart torn in half
    fruit of darkness lost to the past

  • poems

    The Doll

    beautiful child, when you lost your blinding innocence?
    the doll speaks about freedom, the lips touch the pool
    the tiny face in the grave veil, the eyes looking at the dirty world
    when was the last time when you heard the piano?

    the purity spoiled, the woman in the body of a child
    screams from the cage, buried deep in the ground
    her hands kick the dirt, the mouth fanged
    her father, oblivious?

    give her the gown, give her a dagger
    as she sinks the poison into the veins
    with a twisted smile
    sun, burn me, as I confess my sins

    (my tribute to Claudia from Vampire Chronicles)

  • poems

    The Ash Grove

    the ash grove, cinder falling from the sky
    the night stretches around the trees
    turning into blight
    the petals scratching my skin
    carnal flowers eating my heart
    as the mud flows from my eyes
    I don’t remember who I was

    the ash grove, filled with the sorrow of thousands
    the blight turns into fire
    the supernova of feelings
    as I search for the one
    who I lost

    the ash growth, beneath
    deep into the crackled soil
    the ashen birds sing around the monument
    the roots reach my feet
    the grey vines entangle me

    I am the one who was lost
    give me breath, call for the birds of the sun
    let them sing me into freedom, with pearly voices lift me up
    until I turn one with the end of the world
    in the ash grove

  • poems


    release the birds, let them return
    the black wings severing air into pieces
    the cage can’t hold them too long
    release them until they reach for you

    the sky shakes as you tremble
    and your manor’s foundation ruined
    the birds returned to claim the throne
    here she comes, the Raven Sister

    with eyes like black coals
    and feathers made of stone
    her raven brothers tearing the flesh
    and leaving debris

    release the birds
    release your soul
    condemned hands unmasking your veils
    the tree loses the colours
    turning grey

    scaoil na héin

  • poems


    Darkness that pours from the wounds
    enclosing like a mud, sticking to the skin
    embracing like an ominous lover
    the madness deep inside
    that cannot be removed by ghosts of the past
    that inhabit the manor of the soul

    The black door, always on my mind
    when I try to fight the demons
    grinning widely, forcing themselves into life
    that seemed lost, yet keeps breathing

    the angels on the horizon
    how to reach them when the murk binds so much?
    I am tenebrous maiden that breathes the eternal night
    Eclipse my name

  • poems

    Rised from Hell

    when the stellar torments bloom under the blackened moon
    the hell awaits in all its glory
    the bruised hands lift the cup of twilight
    and the pain turns into bliss
    the angels came to bring the rapture
    with eyes bloodied and bodies twisted
    the agony is the wine we drink
    and the gods bow before morbid malady we bring

    *drawing by me, my own messenger of hell.

  • poems


    As her face turns at the moon
    the pale skin covered with moss and blood
    her love for him reached through the forests
    to exhale into the sky, leaving black muddy drops

    The root, the bone and the stone
    her mind lost and her heart too
    The feathery owl soaring into the night
    her voice ringing hollow in the void

    The flowers tangled into the owl shape
    the mandala of life, the veil of oaken branches
    deri, banadyl, erwein
    She was lost before anyone knew
    loneliness her name